Conception / Direction / Karna: Jayaprakas Narayanan
Born in Kerala, India. From a young age, JN showed profound interest in Kathakali in which he received instruction from grand masters. He was awarded numerous prizes and honours. After 42 years of practice and teaching he became involved in a new interpretation of Kathakali.

Adaptation of text: Isabelle Henry
Born in France. Studied the Classics, History of Art and Religion and also studied to become an assistant librarian. Greatly interested in Greek, Egyptian and Indian civilisations. From 2004 to 2010 was coordinator of Indo-European programmes of cultural exchanges in Kerala.

Narrator / Krishna: Brice Bourgeois
Born in France. Trained in music therapy at the School of Music Therapy in Bordeaux; trained in drama at "La Compagnie la Tasse de Thé" in La Rochelle. Teaches music and drama to professionals and amateurs.

Kunti / Valérie Juraver
Born in France. Choreographer, musician, director and dancer. Worked with eminent directors in these fields. Having wide knowledge of ancient Greek, Egyptian, African and Indian civilisations, has organized numerous events and cultural activities.

Pandava / Draupadi: Muriel Paré
Born in France. Showed a precocious interest in dance. A talented choreographer, she has been a professional dancer since 1997. Having worked for a contemporary dance company in Belgium, she still practises at Nick Blumenfeld's dance studio in Toulouse.

Kaurava: Marc Faillat
Born in France. Training: Conservatoire National Supérieur in Bordeaux - Dramatic Arts "professional section", second degree upper 2nd class honours in diploma of teaching Physical Expression, Conservatoire National Régional in Montpellier - Dramatic Art, first level, Baccalauréat littéraire with drama and dance.

Singer: Kalamandalam Balachandran
Born in Kerala. Currently recognized as the best Kathakali singer in India. Taught by famous masters such as Sri Kalamandalam Gangadharan, he qualified at the prestigious Kalamandalam School in Kerala. He has been awarded a dozen prizes for the best singer in India and abroad.

Chenda (percussion) : Kidangoor Rajesh
Born in Kerala. Studied under renowned teachers like Sri Vasudevan Namboodiri, he received numerous prizes for the best chenda player in India. Every year, he participates in around a hundred of the most important festivals in Kerala.

Maddhalam percussion) : Kottakal Harikrishan
Born in Kerala. A pupil of grand masters, such as Sri Sankara Warier, he is now recognized as one of the best maddhalam players. He has received numerous prizes from different institutions. Participates each year in more than a hundred important festivals in Kerala.