Social Commitment of Art forms

Art forms have evolved and have survived for the peaceful coexistence and cooperation of individuals and societies. Each of them is perfect and sacred. The rise and fall in the standards of art forms depend upon the persons who perform them and how they are performed. The role of art is to make artists as well as those who view artists carefully, peaceful and accommodative. The knowledge that has been systematized in the name of techniques related to various art forms is meant to be used for the well-being of the society. It is necessary to make people aware of the possibilities and practicalities of this knowledge base.

We have conceived and are proceeding with the project “Lokamudra” with this vision in mind. To begin with, we are taking recourse to “Kathakali”, the art form that took shape in the 16th century in the state of Kerala in India. Kathakali is a performing art that integrates various art forms such as music, literature, art works, dance, percussion, theatre and mime. It has evolved adapting many traits of the traditional, ritualistic and scientific art forms that have existed for centuries in Indian civilization and also those that can be discerned in other civilizations. The ancestral art forms that are used in Kathakali were those meant for the peaceful coexistence and social cooperation; these art forms are relevant and can be used even today. If we interpret this ancient knowledge in such a way that every individual can assimilate it, the problems of modern times can be solved to some extent.

It is with this objective that we present simple conferences, workshops and creative performances on Kathakali, before the world. By the term ‘simple’ we mean convincing people about the necessity of sustaining ancestral knowledge systems with the backup of science. Nobody can make anyone good or bad. Everyone is obliged to live internalizing goodness. Conferences are meant to make it clear that for those who want to live peacefully, everything required for it is in their vicinity. Workshops are for training people on how to make use of the ancestral knowledge systems in day to day life. Creative performances in turn are emotionally loaded messages that help people to differentiate between good and bad and accept what they need.

For the propagation and success of the project, which is strenuous but realisable, we expect your valuable participation, help and cooperation.