Jayaprakas Narayanan : Instructor of Mudra /Kathakali

Born on May 22, 1966, in Kerala, Jayaprakas Narayanan has been the disciple of the great Kathakali master, Guru Sri Pallipuram Gopalan Nair, since the age of six. In 1988, after completing his diploma course in Kalamandalam, he founded his own school and company.

During the past 42 years he has taken part in about 2000 Kathakali shows in India and has performed about fifty different roles. Since 2000 he has been passing his art on to the West by organizing professional internships. In 2012 he received the Kalakshethra Award (the Best Artist and Best Indian Teacher Award.)


Artistic direction: Summer Festival, Ooty, Kathakali Theatre, Kochi India.
Kathakali courses: Kerala, AFDAS, Mirail University, France.
Kathakali internships: Kerala, London, Paris, Geneva, Brussels
Lectures on Kathakali: Dublin, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Tourcoing, Brussels
Lectures on Mudras: Paris, Geneva, Dubai, Brussels, La Rochelle, Lodève
Mudras training sessions: Paris, Brussels, Niort, La Rochelle, Lodève, Congrès du yoga 2015, France
Residence: l’Agora, Cité Internationale de la Danse à Montpellier.